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About Us is your own personal guide to help you live your best absolute financial life. We believe that life means more than just surviving, it's meant for living. And living well.

We believe there are a few core pillars to mastering money and making it work smarter, not harder, for you. What we stand by:

  1. Debt holds us back from our full potential. Getting out of debt is a solid foundation for a rich life.
  2. Reaching your full earning potential is a worthy goal. Education should be available to everyone. Everyone deserves to reach their full potential.
  3. Reputation matters. Understanding and managing your credit score can unlock opportunities to reach your goal and live the life you deserve.
  4. Everyone deserves a fair price. Paying a fair price for high-quality products is how we get the most out of our hard-earned money.
  5. It's OK to splurge! Living well doesn't always mean living with less. Keeping a budget and spending wisely gives everyone the opportunity for a good life.
  6. We believe in "an attitude of gratitude." Giving back is fulfilling. Giving to others is how we show gratitude for what we have been blessed with.
If you believe and share the same values as we do, you've come to the right place. strives to give you the tools, resources and expert advice to help you master your money and live your best financial life.

A Note from the SmarterDollar Team

Welcome to where we sincerely hope you will benefit from the free financial resources we've provided to our SmarterDollar members and community. Our goal is not only help you make wise financial decisions and save money -- but also help you enjoy a fulfilling and prosperous future.

With every dollar there's an opportunity to make smarter financial moves. But it's hard to know what the next smart money move is. We're here to help our community unlock their true financial potential.How? By developing and sharing new financial tools, life-hacks, money tips, and valuable advice. We're committed to doing our best to elevate the financial prospects of everyday people.

Let's not kid ourselves. It's pretty exciting to find new ways to generate additional income -- but equally exciting and important to make the dollars you already have go a lot lot further. We understand life happens! Everyday life can get in the way of smart money moves. That just means all of us have to do everything possible to be informed and prepared to make the wisest financial decisions regardless of what comes our way.

At SmarterDollar, our mission is clear: To help people master money and live their best and most rewarding lives.

So here's to you, your prosperity, and happiness!

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